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    Antoinette (Toni) Troy wants you to Live Life, choose Joy!

    Entrepreneur, Personal Finance Educator, Author/Poet & Notary Public (NC)

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    ABOUT Antoinette (Toni) Troy

    Meet the Entrepreneur, Personal Finance Educator, Author/Poet & Notary Public (NC)

    My passion as an entrepreneur has allowed me to grow personally by developing my esteem, confidence and leadership skills.


    As I strive to share and to educate my community on personal finance I hope to increase their knowledge for success in their current life and future lifestyle.


    I choose to take on this challenge by recognizing it is a personal thing and it is a joyful situation to observe the financial success of associates, clients and customers as their life changes now, in the near future or later in life.


    Most people don't want anybody in their business, but must of us our struggling. Therefore, as an entrepreneur I educate on financial strategies, credit solutions and more services as I pique their interest to consider being a client or a business owner and let us live life, choose joy to change the WORLD together!









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    Mrs. Antoinette (TONI) Troy is the CEO/Founder of Joy Financial Solutions LLC which was established in October, 2021.




    It is a joy to work with new clients and associates in the financial education industry. I offer financial strategies along with simple software programs to assist business owners a tracking system if he/she choose to take advantage of opportunities that involve any form of entrepreneurship.





    In 2017 I accomplished a long time to desire to publish my first book "Project Hope". It is a collection of poems written over a 12 year time span that I dedicated to my mother, Julia Lee Steward, my Shero. I was able to present it to her in 2018 as my living legend at that time.


    I am currently re-editing Project Hope to self publish and it will be available later this year honoring my mother's memory since her passing in January, 2020. Her words "I love you more" will always be cherished in my heart as I strive to share "much love" to everyone I meet because God is love (1 John 4:8).

    The Notary

    My commission as a Notary is being a sworn in public officer of the State of North Carolina I am charged with the responsibility of protecting the public from fraud and forgery. My commissions expires in March, 2024.


    SERVICES that are featured above are the

    DIY Credit System


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    OTHER Products


    It is with great joy that I offer these additional products that I believe are necessary in life and are beneficial to you, someone you know or will get to know.


    It is important to protect your identity with this Million Dollar coverage if you become a victim - IDSafe


    I believe that health is wealth, so if you like coffee and are striving to loose weight , well you can enjoy to DrinkACup


    Yes, get your vitamins and minerals in with this Liquid Multi-Vitamin so easily with the built in 1 oz. cap for daily dosage.


    I have a Supplement that helps with various benefits that grow nails, hair and provides for every live cell in the body - Super Sulfur 



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